Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Research: Theseus

    I do perhaps a disproportionate amount of research for someone who writes fantasy stories, but that's just who I am. I ran across this in wikipedia:

As soon as Theseus entered the Labyrinth, he tied one end of the ball of string to the door post and ... followed Daedalus' instructions given to Ariadne: go forwards, always down and never left or right. ... After decapitating the beast, Theseus used the string to escape the Labyrinth ...

    And I gotta say... What the heck, my guy?!? Famous for being the first person to have a string in the labyrinth AND ALSO #^(%!NG DIRECTIONS, which, by the way, included precisely ZERO turns, and he still needed the string to get back out?? Man, what.  Disgraceful.

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