Saturday, July 4, 2020

Character Sketch: Slink

    Slink is the door guard for the Post Guild.  She's eight years old and her favourite foods are apples, and Christmas spice cookies. She joined the Post at six, with some of the best memorizing scores anybody had seen in a while, but she can't run messages like the rest of the Post kids because she's missing the bottom half of her right leg.  She can get around just fine but long distances at high speed are too much for her.  Instead, the leaders granted her the position of door guard.

    The door guard of the Post Guild is responsible for creating the daily passwords and making sure only the people who should have access can get in the building.  Slink tells every guilder the day's password on their way out, and should ask for them on the way in but often forgets because she knows all the guilders on sight.  The reason a door guard must have a good memory, aside from knowing the names and faces of everyone in the guild, is also because she needs to keep track of several passwords.  If a guilder leaves the building on Monday and doesn't come back until Thursday, she's got to remember to expect the Monday password from them again.  

    Slink, like many Posters, has an estranged relationship with her parents.  Unlike most of them, though, her position within the guild allows her to sleep there at headquarters so she always has a roof and knows where her next meal is coming from.  In return, she collects interesting stories from the posters out in the streets and shares them with the others. 

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