About the work

Wayward Valley is a place I discovered back in the ancient times of 2007.  It's a town and surrounding areas inside a valley (shocking, I know).  Some of the features that make Wayward Valley unique are the fact that every mountain around them has at least one magic-user living at the top, and the magic that escapes from there flows downhill into the valley to create chaos below.  Sometimes.  Wayward Valley is also victim to a time-spell gone awry, some parts of the town have faster minutes than others and the cumulative effect can be interesting, but the valley as a whole appears to have settled somewhere approximately 200 years ago compared to our modern era.  If things there seem a little Victorian-ish, it's because they are.

The Known World, formerly called The Known Kingdoms until they discovered a few countries that didn't have kings, is a much larger place that's still being discovered.  It spans several countries over a continent so large it crosses the equator and keeps going.  I have access to a great deal of their history and so stories there are set in several eras, including pre-finding-out-about-each-other years.  The interesting thing about The Known World is that magic seems to be culturally and/or genetically inherited, meaning that essentially each country has their own unique style of magic.

About the site

I wanted a place to share the little snippets and random musings that haven't made it into finished stories yet, and whatever else I end up thinking is worth mentioning.  The stories will be tagged with their respective worlds but may not have much context other than that.  It's a buffet of writing.

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